Carpets, rugs, vehicle interiors, R.V's, couches, love seat, beds, drapes, and more! 

We can clean it!

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Our goal at Medina Carpet Cleaning is to provide you with the highest quality cleaning at affordable prices.

We offer DuPont teflon protection for your freshly cleaned fabric and carpets
Ask your technician about details and pricing

Basic Pricing:

Steam Clean w/ FREE deodorizer -

1 Room  /$59.99       5 Rooms/$139.99
2 Rooms/$79.99       6 Rooms/$159.99
3 Rooms/$99.99       7 Rooms/$179.99
4 Rooms/$119.99     8 Rooms/$199.99

Stairs - $3.00 per step
Hallway - $19.99
Couch - $69.99
Loveseat - $59.99
Chair - $49.99

Heavily Soiled Areas may require Pre-treating @ .15c sq.ft.


*a room is any area where the combined square footage totals 150 sq. ft. or less

We offer a variety of repair services.  Spot patching, We re-stretch wavy carpets.